3 Stocks to Watch after Insiders Spend Over $2 Million on Akero Therapeutics


Insider trading may indicate possibilities for investors and might offer insightful information about a company’s future. 

Insiders who work for their firm, such as directors, frequently do so to express confidence in its future or a view that the stock is cheap. 

Although this may help an investing selection, it is always important to weigh a variety of aspects before making any financial decisions. 

This blog post will examine three recent major insider trades and the circumstances surrounding them, providing insight into insiders’ confidence and possible investing possibilities.

Akero Therapeutics:

Trade Details: 

Walmsley Graham, a director of Akero Therapeutics, purchased 55,000 shares for a total of $2.36 million at an average price of $42.95.

Event Trigger: 

The SYMMETRY trial, which was completed and fulfilled its safety and tolerability objectives, was announced by Akero Therapeutics.

Company Focus: 

Akero Therapeutics is a biotechnology business in the clinical stages that focuses on creating revolutionary medicines for life-threatening metabolic illnesses with significant unmet medical needs.


Trade Details: 

Crocs director Thomas Smach spent around $150,001 for 1,435 shares at an average price of $104.53.

Event Trigger: 

Crocs outperformed analyst consensus expectations by reporting strong second-quarter FY23 sales growth of 11.2% year over year, hitting $1.07 billion.

Company Focus: 

For men, women, and kids, Crocs Inc. specializes in the design, development, marketing, distribution, and sale of casual lifestyle footwear accessories.

The Bancorp:

Details of the transaction: Bancorp director Matthew Cohn paid roughly $220,688 for 5,868 shares at an average price of $37.61.

Event Trigger: 

Bancorp posted better-than-expected quarterly results.

Company Focus: 

Bancorp Inc. is a financial holding company that specializes in lending, including commercial mortgage-backed loans, leasing fleets of vehicles and other equipment, and securities-backed lines of credit.

Understanding Insider Trading: 

Investors can use insider trading as a useful tool to determine how confident insiders are in their own companies. 

When directors purchase stock, it may be taken as a sign that they are optimistic about the future success of the business. 

But it’s important to keep in mind that insider trading shouldn’t be the only consideration when choosing an investment strategy. 

It is also important to take into account market developments, other financial data, and the general state of the economy.


Interesting insights regarding a company’s future and prospective investment possibilities can be found in notable insider trades. Insiders’ recent purchases at Akero Therapeutics, Crocs, and The Bancorp demonstrate their faith in individual businesses. To make well-informed investment decisions, investors should utilize such information as a supplemental component in their decision-making process, combining it with in-depth research, financial analysis, and market trends. As usual, wise investing choices call for a thorough strategy that accounts for a variety of variables to produce positive results in the fast-paced world of finance.

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