What You Should Know About PancakeSwap Sharing Billions in Fees with Stakers


The well-known decentralized exchange PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain has unveiled a brand-new, exciting program called the Revenue Sharing Pool (RSP). 

By getting 5% of the trading fee income from all PancakeSwap v3 pairs with 0.01% and 0.05% fee levels on a regular and weekly basis, this creative program gives Fixed-Term CAKE takes the chance to earn extra benefits. 

We’ll go through the specifics of the RSP, its potential benefits, and how it helps CAKE holders and the broader community in this blog article.

Introducing the Revenue Sharing Pool (RSP): 

PancakeSwap’s RSP program aims to provide Fixed-Term CAKE investors with rewards that go above the standard annual percentage rate (APR) advantages. 

Stakeholders that take part in the RSP will get actual yield on the profits made from trading commissions on PancakeSwap’s v3 pairings.

Unlocking Potential Rewards: 

The RSP provides significant income potential for Fixed-Term CAKE stakeholders, with PancakeSwap’s v3 trading volumes currently topping an astonishing $12.5 billion. 

Participants can benefit from this exceptional chance to take part in the development and success of the PancakeSwap protocol.

A Sustainable and Rewarding Model: 

The RSP offers a viable and lucrative strategy for all CAKE holders, not only Fixed-Term CAKE stakeholders. 

Holders of CAKE become active participants in the success of the protocol and contribute to the general well-being of the PancakeSwap community by directly gaining from the exchange’s growth.

Claiming Rewards: 

Users only need to click “Claim” on the Locked CAKE Benefits pop-up on PancakeSwap to receive rewards. 

The “kitchen” will also add extra incentives throughout August using the money made in June and July of this year, increasing stakes earning potential.

Distribution of Rewards: 

The June and July revenue-sharing incentives will be paid out in four installments, with each payment equaling 25% of the total prizes. 

This stepwise strategy makes sure that stakeholder revenues are distributed fairly and on schedule.


Fixed-Term CAKE stakeholders have an exciting option to increase their earnings by participating in PancakeSwap’s Revenue Sharing Pool (RSP) program. The exchange’s v3 trading volumes have already surpassed $12.5 billion, and the RSP offers participants a strong income potential. Additionally, this sustainable approach offers benefits to all CAKE holders as well as Fixed-Term CAKE investors, giving the whole PancakeSwap community a win-win situation. Users may take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to earn extra incentives while actively supporting PancakeSwap’s development and success as the project debuts on August 9 by participating in it.

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