Google Cloud Joins Celo Network to Promote Widespread Adoption of Blockchain

Google Cloud Joins Celo Network as Validator

With the addition of Google Cloud as a validator on the Celo network, the security of the latter is expected to improve.

In certifying the Celo platform, Google Cloud has now joined a varied collection of validators, which also includes impactMarket and Deutsche Telekom.

This partnership is a component of a larger initiative to grow blockchain technology for widespread usage.

The Celo community recently decided to switch from a layer-1 independent blockchain to an Ethereum 

Google Cloud Enables Celo’s Layer-2 Transition

layer-2 solution for ETH/USD.

The Google Cloud Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node-hosting service, will be used by cLabs to ease this transition.

For users of the Celo network, this service will simplify node operations while assuring dependable and secure transaction relays.

Diverse Projects in Celo Ecosystem

More than 1,000 projects from more than 150 different nations are presently part of the Celo ecosystem. 

Decentralized applications (dApps) like GoodDollar, which distributes universal basic income (UBI), and community inclusion currencies (CICs) on Grassroots Economics are examples of these.

Shared Mission of Google Cloud and Celo Foundation

“Google Cloud and the Celo Foundation have a shared mission to leverage blockchain technology and innovation to support sustainable solutions for everyday people and the planet,” said Xochitl Cazador, head of ecosystem growth at Celo.

These ideas were repeated by Carlos Arena, director of Google Cloud, who said, “At Google Cloud, we’re focused on developing the Web3 ecosystem by providing entrepreneurs and developers with the tools they need to scale their applications.

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